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Our Story

In 2008 two families came together with the dream of providing a culinary experience fit for a Pasha. Comparable to knighthood, the term Pasha was bestowed upon those who earned prestigious recognition. Throughout history the Eastern Mediterranean has been famous for producing world renowned chefs and gastronomical delights. Pasha Mediterranean Grill was established in honor of this great heritage and strives to bring you a unique and healthy alternative that does not disappoint. Let our award winning menu and pleasant staff take you on a culinary journey where only the freshest ingredients will do. An amazing variety of traditional family recipes awaits you at Pasha.
In 2009 an additional family was added to the mix and Naara Cafè was born. Today Naara Cafè boasts 100+ award winning hookah flavors and a wide variety of hot Middle Eastern and Persian beverages, fresh juices, classic and modern middle eastern fare which can all be enjoyed from the comforts of our beautiful, newly renovated patio with indoor seating available as well.
In an effort to further please our patrons and fill a much needed space in our great city’s culinary experience, we opened our newest concept which we lovingly named Baklovah Bakery. Baklovah is located in the international Plaza shopping center next to Naara Café and just behind the Pasha Wurzbach / IH10 – Medical Center location. We offer a variety of traditional sweets, baked goods, hot teas and coffees from across the Middle East and the Mediterranean all baked fresh on a daily basis. Get excited and prepare yourself for a culinary experience like none other.